Is the Kindle worth it?

Amazon had announced their famous product: Kindle, as their first hardware product. Amazon has released various versions if the kindle. The original kindle can read a book as long it is on the Amazon Book Store. At first there was a thin selection of books on the Amazon Book Store, but now there is millions of books that are available to buy with wifi or 3G connection. Amazon became very big on the book business ever since. They released new Kindles into the market such as the Kindle Fire HD’s and the Kindle Paper White. The Kindle Paper White has a lit up display so users can read in the dark. The Kindle Fire was Amazon’s first tablet they ever made. Users could download games, movies, songs, and specifically books. However does the kindle compare to an Apple’s iPad or Barnes and Noble’s Nook?

All new Kindle family
All new Kindle family

A kindle is perfect as a thin-tablet companion. If you are a passionate or quick reader, then this is the perfect device for you. What is so amazing is you can store up to thousands of books on a kindle. However, if you enjoy reading a regular book (turning the pages, having a physical bookmark), then this might not be the device for you. The reading experience is the one thing that the kindle cannot have.

The original Kindle.

The Kindle Fire is still having a fierce competition with the Apple’s iPad. Both tablets feature very similar features. However, the iPad has an incredible amount of apps on the App Store. So, there is much more productivity with the iPad. The iPad also has a variety of third-party accessories that are not made for other devices. On the other hand, the Kindle Fire has an incredible amount of books on their Book Store. Recently Amazon released a service called “Mayday” that allows any Kindle Fire or Fire Phone (Amazon’s new smart phone) owner to communicate with Amazon’s Help Support. Both tablets have amazing hardware features. They have very high resolution screens, and great cameras. However, I feel that the Apple iPad is higher-quality because of the Aluminum finish.

iPad Air vs. Kindle Fire HDX

I think that the Amazon Kindle is doing well in today’s market. The biggest reason kindle is worth buying is because of the price of their products. For a good product like the Kindle, the price is amazing because of all the features. If Amazon sells each device for a higher price, use higher-quality materials, then Amazon would be taking sales from companies.

Overall I think buying a tablet would require a lot of analysis. Amazon’s products are amazing, and they will do twice as better in the future at the rate they are moving forward.


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