Forgetting an iPhone 400 Miles Away


Over Thanksgiving break, my family and I decided to go to Southern California. With me, were all my devices including my MacBook Pro, iPad mini, and iPhone 5S. For four days, I enjoyed using my devices, surfing the internet, talking with my friends, and using my apps. However, when I accidentally forgot my phone in someone’s house, I didn’t even notice.

I used my iPad if I even needed it in the car. Four hours into the drive, I reached into my pocket, and my heart dropped. I was so shocked and I looked through everything. My bags, the seats, and the floor. Next thing I did was call it several times, but I could not hear anything. Last thing I did was use Find My iPhone using another family member’s iPhone.

In the list of devices, I selected my iPhone. The next thing it did was bring up a map where my iPhone was. Its location was somewhere 300 miles away. I couldn’t believe it. I refreshed it over and over again trying to see if it was the previous location of my iPhone. Next thing I saw in the center, was a “Lost Mode” button. I selected that, and started setting it up. First thing it asked me to do was enter my iPhone’s password. Then it told me to enter a phone number where I can be reached in case my iPhone is found. Then enter a message that will be displayed on the phone while in Lost Mode.

Realizing that the location of the phone was my friend’s house, I immediately called my friend. My friend said the phone was not visible, but when I played the sound, the phone started to ring on the couch. I asked my friend to send my phone to my house 400 miles away.

Knowing that my phone was okay, was a great feeling. Now I could sleep without having to worry about where my phone might be. However, waiting for my phone was torture. Every single day without that phone I just needed to use my iPad or something else (yes I know, I need my tech). I even tried to use my phone to make calls or something using Apple’s newly announced feature “Continuity/Handoff”. But my iPhone could not connect to my iPad nor Mac (obviously, it might have been dead).

Finally, after 12 days or so, my phone finally arrived and everything was okay. Losing an iPhone 400 miles away is not as bad as it sounds if you at least know where your phone is!


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