India Trip 2015: Day 2

Sorry I could not get this posted on time… I had a lot of wifi problems. If you haven’t read Day 1, click here.

The Experience: Fighting jet lag can be super frustrating sometimes. I feel like falling asleep in the day and I am wide awake at night (that’s how I am writing these blog posts 😃). Anyways… I woke up early today, ate a giant breakfast, and got ready for Day 2. I tried to get some work done, and I found out that my wifi really sucks because I have this “dongle” that barely creates a hotspot with a speed of 2G.

An auto-rickshaw

There are really three options to go from place to place. The first option is to take an Uber, which can get expensive quickly. Second is to take a taxi, and third is to take an auto-rickshaw. The “auto-rickshaw” is a small, three-wheeled motorized vehicle that works basically like a taxi. It’s actually really helpful but it pollutes like crazy.

Street shop selling coconuts.

Around almost every internal street, there are small stores that sell clothes or “street food” like chips, soft drinks, or fruits. So I decided I would buy a coconut and share the experience. To buy a coconut, all you do is tell the shop owner you want a coconut. Then, he takes the coconut of your choice,  cuts it open, and gives it to you with a straw. The coconut water tastes refreshing and is very healthy. After you finish all the coconut water, you give the coconut back to the shop owner, he will cut it more open, and give you a part of the shell to scoop out the jello-like fruit inside the coconut.

The Alphonso mango.

Another very famous fruit in India is the mango. There are over 400 types of mango in India and the “king” is the alphonso mango. Unfortunately, the alphonso mango is only available around March-April because of the monsoon season (June-August). Luckily, I managed to get one alphonso mango and I could immediately understand why this mango is so famous. The inside has an orangish color and the taste is extremely sweet. So far I have tasted the Totapuri, Neelam, Dasheri, Langra, Chaunsa, and Alphanso mangoes.

For dinner, I went to this place called Hometown Cafe – China Gate. The cuisine was and Indian and Chinese food mix that gave the food a awesome spicy flavor. I think the service was too good (I mean almost in a negative way too). Literally there was a person standing next to me whose only job was to serve me food.

Take back: Something negative that I have noticed about this place is that there are a lot of servants. This creates the concept that there are levels in society and that people are “ranked” higher or lower than each other. At the bottom of the social system there are beggars and servants. Then there is the middle and upper class that are basically normal people. Does there really need to be someone that brings you water and the TV remote across the room? I think this is not good at all but occurred because of the extremely high population.

Lesson of the Day: Let the driver do the driving and don’t focus on the road (I actually got a headache 😂).


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