India Trip 2015: Day 3

I am really sorry I have not been able to post these daily experiences. It turns out I have reached my data limit. I have been writing my experiences offline so everything will be back to normal by tomorrow. If you haven’t read Day 2, click here.

A picture of the lunch that I ate at my friend’s house.

The Experience: This time I depended on my alarm to wake me up… that’s a good sign meaning I am almost done with jet lag. After I woke up, I had a shower  and got ready for Day 3. I left around 11:00 to have lunch with my friend at his house. The food was very tasty and unique. I was eating out of a big plate called a “thali”, where there is roti and/or rice in the middle, and many small dishes on surrounding. The idea behind the thali is to eat the roti or rice with all of the different small dishes and offer all the 6 different flavors of sweet, salt, bitter, sour, astringent and spicy on one single plate.

A picture of the monsoon.

After lunch, we were going crazy with the heat. It was about 40ºC  (about 105ºF). The craziest thing was that it was raining super hard. The weather forecast has been saying that there were thunderstorms everyday, but I haven’t really seen a lot of rain. Luckily they were only giant passing showers. A few weeks before I came to India, there were monsoons and floods. Now you see why I was skeptical about coming to India?

A picture of a building after a few years.

Another thing that I have noticed while exploring India is that almost all buildings look dirty and old. And it isn’t really their fault. When it rains that much, there are obviously going to be side effects. If a new building is constructed, it will have a blackish color in a few years. That is why the buildings have to be painted so often.

There are big differences in the way parts of the city looks like. For example, in most of the suburban areas it is more dirty and unorganized. This is where auto-rickshaws are mostly operated. In the city, it is much more organized. There are lanes, more rules, and tolls. This is where you will only see cars, buses, and motorcycles (no auto-rickshaws allowed).

Take Back: The environment and location is so different than what I am used to in California. After a while, you step back and realize how many changes have occurred from your daily lifestyle in such a short amount of time. I think that I am beginning to get used to everything, and I am almost done with my jet lag.

Lesson of the Day: Bring rain gear everywhere and wear short clothes.


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