Logitech MX Master Review

A few months ago, Logitech added a new mouse to their MX series. The Logitech MX Master. This advanced mouse packs several new features that makes this one of the best mice on the market.


The Feel.

Starting on the outside, this mouse looks amazing at first glance. The raised body feels nice to the hand and I haven’t felt uncomfortable yet. Coming from the Apple Magic Mouse, this mouse has been a game changer. Now it’s not as awkward to left or right click the mouse. This is a perfect mouse for working long hours on the computer and it helps prevent hand pain.

The Outside.

With the MX Master, Logitech added an awesome mosaic pattern on the gesture button. They also have a nice brass-looking finish on the edges of the mouse. Next to the gesture button is a 3-light battery indicator that shows the status of the rechargeable battery. Above the gesture button, are 2 buttons as well as a horizontal scrolling wheel. Using the Logitech Options Free software that they offer, it is possible to customize the buttons and scroll wheel to do different things. On top of the mouse, is a “speed-adaptive” scroll wheel that can shift from a ratchet scroll, to a hyper-fast scroll. Next to the scroll wheel are the left and right click buttons.


The Back.

The back of the mouse is also packed it some awesome features. At the top, there is the on-and-off switch and the connect button. Below that, there is the “Darkfield Laser Sensor” that tracks on any surface including glass. And the last button on the back of the mouse is called the “easy-switch”. The button allows a user to pair the mouse with up to three devices and switch between each device with a press of this button.


Features and Feedback.

logitech-mx-master-button-for-wheelThe first unique feature on the mouse is the speed-adaptive scroll wheel. The ratchet mode, which is when the wheel moves in a click-to-click scroll, is very useful for scrolling through a document in detail. The hyper-fast scroll, which is when a flick of the finger spins the scroll wheel freely until it loses momentum, is very useful for browsing through long documents or web pages.

Unlike most other mice, the MX Master also features a unique thumb wheel for side-scrolling. However my favorite feature of this mouse is the ability to program all of the buttons of the mouse. Logitech includes software for the Master MX that, in my opinion, goes well with the mouse.

picture 1

This allows the user to modify all buttons on the mouse including the adaptive scroll wheel and the thumb wheel on the side. Using the Logitech Options software, the buttons can be programmed to perform a variety of actions. And best of all, some of the programmable actions are native to the operating system.

picture 2

However, before buying this mouse there are some downsides. First of all, this is not a gaming mouse. It does not have the features of a gaming mouse. If you want a gaming mouse, then go for something like the G900 Chaos Spectrum also by Logitech. Another downside is the price. At $100, this is one of the most expensive mice out there.

Overall, I think that the Logitech MX Master is the best mouse from a productivity/work standpoint. It feels great in the hand and definetely helps with my workflow.


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