What is Biomedical Engineering?

For the few people who are equally interested in Biology and Engineering, what should they pursue their career in? Should they give up Biology and become an engineer, or give up Engineering and become a medical professional? Neither. Biomedical Engineering is the perfect combination of the two intriguing subjects.


“Biomedical engineering – the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes (e.g. diagnostic or therapeutic). This field seeks to close the gap between engineering and medicine, combining the design and problem solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to advance health care treatment, including diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy.”

All technological discoveries in the field of biology fall under this subject. A few ingenious examples of bioengineering in the past include the x-ray, electroencephalogram (I made a project about the EEG), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The first application of biomedical engineering occurred in World War II. This is because there were constant technological developments, and scientists harvested this advanced technology into their medical devices. This new branch of science became famous because biomedical engineering provided more efficient medical treatment.

Biomedical Equipment Technology - BET Lab Photos 06-04

Although biomedical engineering sounds specific, there are many fields within this subject that are even interesting. Specifically, Bioinformatics, Biomechanics, Tissue Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Neural Engineering, and Pharmaceutical Engineering have had a huge explosion of growth over the past decade.


Why am I even writing this? To get myself interested in pursuing a career. What better way to do research than to write about it?!


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